Davines NaturalTech ENERGIZING Shampoo 1000ml + Gel Set I Free OI Body Wash

₱5,340 ₱6,290

Energizing Shampoo (1000ml) gently cleanses the hair giving it a sensation of energy, vigour and wellbeing to the scalp. It gives a balancing effect to the scalp and a moisturizing action to the hair. Stimulating product for scalp and fragile hair prone to falling out.

Energizing Gel (150ml) gives strength and body to fine and stressed hair with a revitalizing cosmetic effect. It moisturizes and invigorate the hair creating a light styling effect. It has a balancing action on the scalp.

OI Body Wash (280ml) is shower gel that gently cleanses the skin, adding softness and hydration. Its creamy foam and luxurious fragrance turn a daily beauty ritual into a pampering experience.

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