Davines Shampoo Bars Gift Box Set | 2 pcs Shampoo Bars + Case


Share the gift of sustainable beauty with The Sustainable Choice Gift Box Set. 

* Pick 2 shampoo bars of your choice from the drop down

* Comes with 1 shampoo bar case



All the benefits of a professional shampoo in the new solid format. Now available in four versions, for different hair types and results.

Five reasons for trying Essential Shampoo Bars:

1) The packaging is 100% PAPER

2) Every formula contains an ACTIVE INGREDIENT FROM A SLOW FOOD PRESIDIA protecting the biodiversity of the Planet

3) Solid formats are convenient and LAST UP TO 40 WASHES

4) THEY ARE COMPACT and perfect for you travels

5) Shampoo bars maintain the PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE of our liquid shampoos

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