Davines NaturalTech REPLUMPING Shampoo + Hair Filler Superactive Set 1000ml I Elasticizing & Hydrating | Free Replumping Superactive 100ml

₱5,214 ₱8,690

*Comes with FREE Replumping Superactive*

Replumping Shampoo & Hair Filler Superactive Set (1000ml) the creamy texture creates a full-bodied foam that cleanses gently without changing the hair structure.
The formula gives elasticity, hydration and protects the hair during cleansing

Replumping Hair Filler Leave-In Superactive (100ml) leave in treatment. It compacts, Invigorates and Replumps the structure of hair that looks full and shiny.
It enables the styling to last longer with a lasting anti-humidity effect.

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